About FarReach


FarReach supports the rights of all people to integrity of body mind and spirit.     

All male, female and intersexed people have an ultimate right to remain whole from birth until death. We believe that no medical or religious practitioner has the right to cut body parts from any other person or to take the choice for wholeness from them at any age or for any reason. This especially includes the vulnerable and voiceless, infants, children, the elderly or disabled. Infants, children, adolescents, adults, the elderly, male or female are persons, people, citizens, not objects from which anyone may arbitrarily excise body parts and organs. Nor are our organs and other body parts, appendages and extremities, objects. They form parts of the self and the person as a whole. It is wrong to vilify, demonize or depersonalize any persons body parts or organs with the aim of destroying his or her integrity. It is a moral error, blasphemy or heresy in religious instances, to misconstrue some parts of the body as less worthy than others. No excuse to damage or amputate any part of the body, causing severe pain and lifelong sensory deprivation is acceptable. Physical integrity is one of the first guarantees most countries make to their citizens. Infants are people, therefore citizens and as such are as fully entitled to human rights as adults who have obligations to support these rights, not violate them because the infant is too vulnerable and immature to object or resist being restrained and circumcised. It is in both short and long term best interests of every infant person and citizen that all who care for them, parents, midwives, nurses, doctors, teachers and religious leaders show the utmost respect and consideration for the integrity of their bodies, including their genitalia. No medical or religious practitioner of such cutting as circumcision may re-assign the child’s right to integrity to a parent guardian or any one else, or him or herself abrogate it from the child to cut him for financial gain. Rather, he or she has the obligation to reject genital cutting or molestation in all its forms for all historical, traditional or religious reasons and refuse to inflict pain and harm causing lifelong loss of function and sensory deprivation. None of us will be free until our governments, practicing physicians and medical systems are held accountable for enforcing the laws promising integrity to all and principles of primum non nocere. FarReach affirms the Helsinki 2012 Accord which outlines in clear and complete detail the protective measures necessary to avoid genital altering and injury. A brief word about the FarReach logo added December 28, 2012. The aim is to represent a subtle, delicate, symbolic  image of healing through instruction in foreskin restoration! Close focus on the centre of the logo usually draws a smile. It is a demo of the freehand method of stimulating mitosis, the primary, most simple method of foreskin restoration. It is the most simple method of restoring the remnant mucosal layer of the foreskin . The little V at the top of the shaded circle represents the urethra of the penis (just in case it isn’t obvious!). FarReach is the support site for i4SkinHealth, an iPhone/Pod/Pad application currently on the Apple iTunes Store under ‘Health and Fitness” and ‘Lifestyle’. i4SkinHealth will be available on HTML5 and other smartphone platforms in the near future.      http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/i4skinhealth/id408258486?ls=1&mt=8 We also hope to have i4SkinHealth available as a hardcopy booklet. Until it is available please contact info@i4SkinHealth for excerpts. Please also see the abstract and first two pages of “Healing the Harms of Circumcision, A Nursing Case Study” at: http://link.springer.com/chapter/10.1007/978-94-007-6407-1_8#sthash.41S2l8YK.dpuf  It is Chapter 8 in the proceedings of Genital Cutting: Protecting Children from Medical, Cultural, and Religious Infringements from the 11th International NOCIRC Symposium.  Contact info@farreach.org for further excerpts. The 13th Annual Symposium on Genital Integrity is coming up in July. Please take note of details and share widely:      https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10154083359070437&set=gm.439057206197186&type=1&theater For people who believe that circumcision is an improvement, has possible health or hygiene benefits, no idea of the value of the foreskin or that any losses may be attributed to its absence you have a lot of discoveries in store through the information we provide on this site, our Links and i4SkinHealth. We sincerely hope we present the information gently enough to keep cognitive dissonance to a minimum. If it is disconcerting we regret the dismay and denial many experience when confronted with the positive value of the foreskin and what they are missing if it is absent. But as one open, insightful eighteen year old stated, “FarReach info is the best bad news I’ve ever had. It’s a shock to learn I’ve lost a valuable part of my body but I’m also learning and am empowered to do something about it; something cool, a reassuring way to bring my body almost back to the way it belongs. No doctor should have conned my parents into circumcising me.” The foreskin has many valuable properties for sexual health and happiness and most likely for general health too….read more….. and perhaps enjoy the following interview audio file archived from a December 6, 2011 Truther Girls episode, see YouTube video preview: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jqbQwCb8e-M  Audio interview ‘Rethinking Circumcision with Maurene White’ http://www.americanfreedomradio.com/archive/Truther-Girls-32k-120611.mp3 Another radio interview archive by two students, one a nurse provided very insightful and in depth professional analysis of the difficulties inherent in circumcision:        http://genitalautonomycanada.org/index.php/intactivism/discussing-male-infant-circumcision-and-human-rights/ FarReach is also on Facebook, please visit and ‘Like’ http://www.facebook.com/pages/FarReach/365951563480675  Genital Integrity Awareness Week is March  24th to 30th, 2014.  https://www.facebook.com/StopInfantCircumcision?hc_location=timeline      Please attend if at all possible!!  This inspiring peace march, consciousness raising/public education event for vulnerable, voiceless infants and children is a unique, inspiring experience. Ashley Montague, the renowned anthropologist, said over 20 years ago when we were a mere fledgling community that in 50 years of conferencing he had never met such a group of committed, devoted human rights advocates.  The 2013 gathering was a resounding success despite the cold weather. For the 2014 GIAW weather forecast check this link, http://www.weather.com/weather/tenday/Washington+DC+USDC0001              BUT be prepared for sudden changes! Three years ago hail pelted us three times during the week putting several dents in my 14SkinHealth sign. Follow link to comment →